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New Album a Non-Release

I have been working on Personalis Aequilibrium since July 22, 2011.  Due to personal, family and financial things and moving I stopped working on it November 2013.  I decided last night to not work on it any more and put it up in full on Last FM.

Free MP3s on

Half way through the project I was working on a writing method that took me in a new composition direction.  I have new ideas brewing.  But my computer is out of commission for now, which some might be pretty happy about…

So…eventually I will be back….

Until then thank you for coming by, listening and downloading.


July 4, 2013

For what its worth:

Happy 4th of July!!!

New Home for SAXD

Well, the economy has really hurt many people worldwide.

Those of us effected, we just live day to day.  I am no exception.  At least I still have a day job…for what its worth.

I have had to cut way back on ideas and various projects.  Almost everything I like doing is put on hold.  While I think this would be music fuel, it is just the opposite.

Utilizing WordPress is perfect.  It offers what I think I will need for the future of SAXD and my other projects (work and spirituality related).

It is my hope that this note finds you and yours with at least your basic needs or more.

Until next time…

Peace, Love and Light


test post

this is a test for saxd music